Puppet Theatre Hitomiza in English

Puppet Theatre HITOMI-ZA was founded in 1948 after the World War Ⅱ by a group of youngsters who were fond of drama. It began as a drama theatre and in 1949 reformed as a professional puppetry theatre. The company soon became popular and well-recognized after winning numerous competitions, including the first prizes of Tokyo Drama Contest , Children Drama Festival and producing puppet shows on TV and movies. "Hyokkori Hyotanjima" is one of those very popular shows broadcasted on NHK TV (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) over years.

Early in the 60s, Puppet Theatre HITOMI-ZA started adapting classical works such as Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet", "Macbeth", and others to experimental puppet theatre show.

It also works for Japanese traditional puppet show. The company's "Otome Bunraku" won international popularity and has been performed in France, Spain, Mexico, etc.

Puppet Theater HITOMI-ZA now has over ten works performing for over 20,000 audiences each year. The company has been travelling to perform all over Japan and other countries actively.


●1961【 Macbeth 】
Yomiuri Children's Theatre Award
Prize of Minister of Education,
NHK Award, Special prize of Tokyo Children's Theatre Contest

●1974【 The Robber Hotzenplotz 】
Excellence Award of Tokyo Children's Theatre Selection

●1988【 Alice in Wonderland 】
Excellence Award of Tokyo Children's Theatre Selection

●2013【 Frog and Toad Are Friends 】
Recommendation by the Social Security Council, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
Special recommendation for child welfare cultural property


Past Performances Overseas

■2000 5cities in the United States and Canada
【 GeGeGe no Kitaro】
■2001 Hong Kong
【 GeGeGe no Kitaro】
■2004 Malaysia and Philippines
【A Story, A Bird gave me to hear】
■2008 Seoul
【The Uncle Shiro's Puppet Show "Golden Fish and other stories"】
■2008 Hong Kong
【 Edward Gorey'Puppet Show "the bicycle"】
■2009 Shanghai
【 Faithful Elephants】
■2010 Tolosa,SPAIN
【Gauche the Cellist】
■2011 Korea
【GeGeGe no Kitaro】
■2012 London
【Uncle Shiro's Puppet Show "Punch's Fight"】